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Memories and Livelihood Together

The Bardiya Conflict Victim Cooperative Group  in Bardiya is linking memory and livelihood initiatives to engage women members to localize transitional justice in rural Nepal. This group has brought rural women to produce memory quilt that help them creating an emotional solidarity, building a collective action and sustaining their truth and memory concerns at community level.


Snatched from the Family


The moment of Capture


Blindfolded and detained


Taken at Gunpoint

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Embroidering the image is done in a group and is therapeutic


Family members with their memory squares

Tiger Bags

Ladies with their Tiger bags as a livelihood tool in Bardiya


Embroidery Training in Bardiya

Family members of the disappeared in Bardiya are creating advocacy quilts to speak out about the continued injustice of enforced disappearance.

Learn more about the quilters here.

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