International Day of The Disappeared 2018

NEFAD Nepal participated in a series of events to mark the International day of victims of Enforced Disappearances on 30th August 2018, and used the day to raise voices of the families and advancing campaign for truth.

NEFAD mobilized its family members and collaborated with partners such as Mandala Theater Nepal, Voice of Women Media, Nepal Red-cross Society (NRCS), International Committee of Red-cross (ICRC) Nepal, the Advocacy Project, Conflict Victim Committee Platform(CVCP) and several local groups to commemorate the day in the memory of the disappeared relatives using arts, painting, theater, and discussion series for policy lobbying.

NEFAD in coordination with ICRC and NRCS sent solidarity message and memory card to the families in struggle across the country. NEFAD thanked all the families, friends, partners and well wishers in its campaign for truth, justice and memory.

2018-09-04 08.05.16

Paintings reflecting the Disappearances of Nepal

2018-09-04 08.04.13

Families Seeking the memories of their loved ones in the paintings on the day of Disappeared in 30th August 2018

2018-09-04 07.38.46.jpg

Live painting in Mandala on Disappearance of Nepal on 30th August 2018


Theater: The Waiting Eyes

2018-09-04 07.50.10.jpg

Daughter remember  her Father  who was disappeared 16 years ago


Families Questioning the Commission abot the progress of investigation on Disappearances.


Families lighting the Candles in the Memory Ceremony

2018-09-04 07.55.17.jpg

Interaction Session with the Families about victims movements for truth and justice.

Moreover, NEFAD jointly released a solidarity statement to mark the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances expressing solidarity with victims of enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka and condemning threats and intimidation against relatives of the disappeared.

Click here to view the statement: In solidarity with the Sri Lanka’s families of the Disappeared: a statement from 3 continents, 30th August 2018.