Invisible No More

In 2012, NEFAD launched a campaign to ensure that the victims of enforced disappearances were “Invisible No More.” The campaign centered around a series of memory projects to ensure that Nepal’s disappeared are not forgotten.

NEFAD HRDAY 2012 Program 2012-12-10 101

NEFAD led a coalition of activists, photographers, writers, and over 30 families of the disappeared in an event to honor the memories of the victims and to raise public awareness of their ongoing loss.

The event included a photography exhibition, depicting the missing and their family members. A memory gallery, with items belonging to the disappeared, was also set up.

In addition to honoring the memory of the victims of enforced disappearance, the event served as a platform for raising awareness of the current needs of the surviving family members.

The campaign sparked a global response, with people around the world sharing pictures in solidarity with the missing in Nepal.



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